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Your Commercial Locksmith that can Unlock, Lock, Rekey & Repair Locks.
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If you own a business in Charlotte, you need a commercial locksmith in Charlotte you can rely on.  Commercial clients often need locksmith service same day.  For example, you might find out products are being stolen, money is being stolen, you fired an employee, or can’t access you safe, then having a reliable commercial locksmith is a priority.  We are a licensed and insured Charlotte locksmith!  Don’t be fooled by fake locksmiths.  We are verified by 1-800-UNLOCKS and Fair Trade Locksmiths.

Commercial properties see much more foot traffic compared to a residence.  This means your locks and doors need continual maintenance to prevent any issues such as door closers leaking, locks failing, or doors falling off their hinges.  Wind, dirt, grime can all cause issues with your locks, keys, and door hinges.  Eastern Lock is able to adjust, tighten, lubricate, maintain, and secure your physical security as a commercial locksmith. In most cases, we can repair your hardware which saves you money compared to replacing hardware and replacing commercial doors.  If you don’t need new hardware, we’ll tell you. We can work on leaky door closers, rusted door pivots, squeaky door hinges, storefront doors, broken exit doors, panic devices, exit devices, deadbolts, mortise locks, mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, high security locks, high security keys, doors and frames, duplicate keys, broken keys, fire/gun safe, lock rekeying and more!

Have you considered installing an access control system?  This can enhance your overall security and provide you with employee tracking, video surveillance, and peace of mind.  Not to mention, you can enable and disable key fobs in seconds for better key control.  In the long run this is much more cost effective than rekeying your locks every time you change personnel or lose keys.


Repair/Rekey Commercial Locks In Charlotte NC

Have you given out keys to all your employees? What happens if one steals or quits? We can rekey locks so that your old key no longer works.


High Security Locks in Charlotte NC

We can install high security locks on your business. This ensures you won’t have unauthorized keys floating around. We make sure that the locks are installed correctly, and we use great lock hardware that is strong and durable.


Lock Repair/ Lock Replace in Charlotte NC

Is it hard to turn your key in your locks? Do you have a crack in your door? Is your key bending? This may mean your key is worn out. If you key is worn out, it won’t work your lock correctly. Small changes in your key can cause it to fail. Allow Eastern Safe to rekey your lock or cut your key back to factory specifications. If you get duplicates off a worn key, you’ll worsen the situation.


Access Control in Charlotte NC

We also offer complete access control system sales, service and installation in Charlotte, NC. We also service and sell push button locks, biometric card access controls and remote-operated alarm systems for home and commercial applications.

Commercial Safe Locksmith, Commercial Safe Unlock

Trusted Commercial Safe Lock Pros in Charlotte NC

Safe and safe security are a huge piece of locksmith security.  Most consumers are unaware that locksmiths work on safes and safe locks.  Safes are a great way to secure your documents, jewelry, guns, and more.  Safes offer protection from fire, a thief, and the occasional family member.  Safes can be bought with a combination dial, electronic keypad, finger print reader, and have key override.  Safes can be installed in a wall, bolted to a floor, or simply placed in your house or garage.  As a safe locksmith in Charlotte, we want you to know you’re covered.

If you need safe delivery and installation in Charlotte NC, call Eastern? Eastern Safe & Lock sells and installs quality fire safes, gun safes and jewelry safes for both commercial and residential clients. We can help you safeguard your valuables in the comfort of your own home or office, saving you the hassle of renting a safety deposit box at your local bank.

Safe Combination Change in Charlotte NC

In addition to our safe delivery and installation services, we can also change the combination and repair locks on most gun safes, fire safes or jewelry safes, providing you with a cost-effective alternative to buying a new safe.

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