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The 21st Century trend of home security and business security is finally starting to catch hold. While mechanical security is always a great backup, keyless access control is now available. Smart homes are going to become the norm as shown in this Tech Crunch article. The traditional lock and key do offer great protection and the ability to rekey locks but CCTV and Home Security Systems offer flexibility, peace of mind, new products, and new tools. Utilizing the ‘internet of things’ such as the Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, and Apple’s Homepod will continue to offer customers the ability to control facets all of their house.

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Access Control Charlotte NC

Add and remove access privileges with a keyless entry badge system and electrified locking hardware.


Monitor Egress Points With CCTV

Eastern Safe is a Charlotte Locksmith, but we can also install home security systems and business security systems.


Manage Users On or Off Site

Do you travel a lot? Do you oversee many stores and employees? If so, adding access control to your doors would allow you to add and delete users via the web.


Home Security in Charlotte NC

We offer smart home locks that are either push button or touch screen. They also come with and without key override.

Commercial Access Control, Security Systems Charlotte NC

Licensed Access Control Pros in Charlotte NC

Have you considered switch from using a keyed door lock to a keyless door lock? If you are still comfortable with keys, we can rekey your locks or master key your locks so that you have a better sense of who has access to restricted areas in your property. Enhancing security is good for peace of mind and good for business. Installing a keypad or badge readers lets people know you’re watching them. Adding a CCTV Security System will just add an extra layer of security and we can record video on an NVR system. Nowadays, we can even set video recording to only enable when it detects motion by the door or when an even occurs at the door such as an authorized entry or un-authorized entry attempt.

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